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GRACE educational platform

The GRACE educational platform available in all partner languages will be a non-formal educational space for open and collaborative learning and communication and a reservoir of best practices and other resources for micro-businesses. It will host an Online course on digital competences and digital entrepreneurship for creative and cultural micro-businesses, tailored to their needs and geared towards innovation and enriched with practical exercises, real business scenarios, examples and case studies.

Toolkit for adult educators

A toolkit for adult educators with information, practical guidance and relevant and timely resources to train micro-businesses in acquiring digital entrepreneurship and also support aspiring cultural and creative acquisition of digital competences that would help them in starting up their business.

Policy Recommendations Report

Lesson learnt and policy recommendations report; the GRACE project’s legacy and contribution to the policy agenda, delving into questions of training needs and barriers that need to be overcome and educational pathways that can be created to advance the skills of cultural and creative micro-businesses. Guide on upscaling and transferability which will be a key sustainability output that will draw on the project experience and present a blueprint on its upscaling in other countries and settings.